Dusting Off

Last month, I decided to uncover a special gift that has been sitting in my closet for almost five years. As I type this I am really hoping I’m not the only one who has items sitting in their closet, untouched for five years. Can anyone say PURGE?! This gift is too special to ever purge. That special gift is my Brother sewing machine I received from my textile teacher in high school. Mrs. Allison told us on the first day of class, if we made a pair of pajamas by the end of the semester, one student would win a sewing machine. Don’t let me fool you, I do not have a competitive bone in my body, but I was bound and determined to win that sewing machine and by golly  I did.

From the day I took the dusty cover off the beautiful white machine, I haven’t been able to put it away. I have been thinking of little projects I can make. One of these new creations are tea towel pillows. There’s something about a tea towel that makes me really happy. I think they make me think of girly parties or the perfect house warming gift. And for pillows, well you can’t have too many pillows can you? A house without pillows would make for a very uncomfy house. So, that being said, I thought the print on a towel would make a very lovely pillow. Plus, the size of a tea towel just happens to be a great size for a pillow. After refamiliarizing myself with my machine, just like that, a nest pillow was created. I have only made a few, but more will be cranked out in the near future. Who knows, if I let my creative juices flow too much…this girl might have to get a shop.

Dusting off that sewing machine and actually using it really made me feel alive. Creating is one of the many things that make me feel fully alive and really close to the Lord. Sit for a moment and think about something that makes you ALIVE. Have you thought of it? Now, when is the last time you did that thing, or went there, or spent time with those people? If you read my last blog post, you know I am a recovering approval addict. In an effort to heal and let go a bit, I have really tried to be intentional about paying attention to the things that really bring me joy, things that may have been sitting in the closet for five years, like my sewing machine. Maybe those things that bring you joy need to be dusted off and put to use. Do you feel me when I say sometimes our lives can get a little dusty and we forget about things we used to do or places we used to go or people we used to spend time with. Now, some hobbies or time spent with certain people might need to stay in the closet and locked tightly. However, if you haven’t picked up the tennis racket in years, or read a book lately, or caught up with an old friend, do it, read it, call him or her. The Lord longs for his children to experience joy and to experience all that He wants to graciously give us sometimes requires really reflecting and paying attention to the things that bring us the most joy. Get that dust cloth out and go do something you love this weekend!



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