Easter Tablescape

I had so much fun decorating the table for Easter that I had to share with you. I hate to admit this, but one of the reasons I am sharing with you is that no one is coming to my house for Easter lunch or dinner. We are going to be with friends and family this year for lunch but because I love this holiday almost as much as Christmas, I wanted to have some fun with this decor.

I decided to get creative this year, but I never like to go too crazy. Although no one is going to be actually sitting at the table, I always try to be mindful of my centerpiece. I love the purpose of a table, to sit and eat and fellowship with one another. It is really hard to talk to the people in front of you if you have to dodge a massive flower arrangement or object in the center of a table. Another thing I like to think about is a color scheme. My kitchen is pretty neutral. I love blues, whites, and greens together, especially this time of year, so I decided to stick with those subtle pops of color.

For the centerpiece or vignette, I took my cotton wreath down from my tobacco basket and put it around a glass cake stand. I added a glass of hydrangeas, a moss bunny, and a cream and blue cross I received as a gift a few years back. I used my everyday dishes and added a blue fiestaware bowl in the center with my paper napkins folded into sweet little bunnies. (these were so fun to make!) If you missed my Instagram post yesterday, click –> for Bunny Napkin Tutorial

The only thing I bought for this table was a table runner from Marshall’s that can be used year round and the moss bunny which will be moved back up to my guest room bedside table after Easter is over. Something I like to think about when I purchase something for the home is one, does this bring me joy and two, can I use this year round. Ask yourself if this going up in 2 weeks after Easter, or can I leave it out all spring and summer? Sure, little accessories like bunnies etc may be put away until next year, but can place mats, table runners, chargers, etc be used for other events and not strictly one holiday? If you can say yes to both of those things in the store, I say hands down buy it girlfriend!

My biggest piece of advice is have fun with decorating your table. Stick to what you are comfortable with and think about the people that will be sitting around the table….or like me, i’ll just be admiring what I think is pretty all week. We all have different styles, but if you stay true to what you like and what you think will be comfortable for your guests, it will look amazing!

Happy Easter, Friends!



Moss Bunny-Tjmaxx

Cotton Wreath-The Faded Farmhouse

Everyday Dishes (Southern Living)-Dillard’s

Blue Bowls-(Fiestaware)-Dillard’s



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